While dismantling my late mother's art studio, I was delighted to come across a portfolio she'd saved of my childhood drawings, done when I was seven.

I'd written about painful aspects of my youth in two best-selling memoirs, but these colorful images made me reconsider the sad narrative I'd constructed. Clearly making art had been a source of joy for me back then.

So I decided to access that joy again, by scanning my drawings from half a century ago and dropping them into photographs I'd taken recently. 

Collaborating with my younger self felt magical, as I traveled through time and space with an ease and artistic freedom that was thrilling. 

I've worked for many years as an advertising art director. I've written fiction and non-fiction as a best-selling author. Now I'm creating stories in a whole new medium, thanks to this body of rediscovered imagery. 

My digital collages, encaustics, and mixed media pieces are all available to be purchased, and have found their way onto the walls of homes, hospitals, and office spaces.

The images on this site are available in limited editions, printed with archival ink on archival paper. They can be ordered in 11"x14", 16"x20" or 20"x24". (Those are paper sizes) Please email me directly to place an order.